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~Valentine Polnareff~ (Incomplete) by Enderxwiggles ~Valentine Polnareff~ (Incomplete) :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 7 0 ~O.C. Erling~ (Incomplete) by Enderxwiggles ~O.C. Erling~ (Incomplete) :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 3 0 ~Dio Brando~Colored~ by Enderxwiggles ~Dio Brando~Colored~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 6 0 ~Dio Brando~  by Enderxwiggles ~Dio Brando~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 3 0 ~Jean Pierre Polnareff~ by Enderxwiggles ~Jean Pierre Polnareff~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 2 0 ~Noriaki Kakyoin~Outline~ by Enderxwiggles ~Noriaki Kakyoin~Outline~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 3 1 ~Ruldol Von Stroheim~Outline~ by Enderxwiggles ~Ruldol Von Stroheim~Outline~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 1 0 ~Joseph Joestar~Outline~ by Enderxwiggles ~Joseph Joestar~Outline~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 2 0 ~Caesar Zeppeli~ by Enderxwiggles ~Caesar Zeppeli~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 1 0 ~Ruldol Von Stroheim~Sketch~ by Enderxwiggles ~Ruldol Von Stroheim~Sketch~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 3 3 ~Joseph Joestar~Sketch~ by Enderxwiggles ~Joseph Joestar~Sketch~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 2 0 ~O.C.~ Professor Iris ~ by Enderxwiggles ~O.C.~ Professor Iris ~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 2 0 ~Request~Nanu and (OC)Hooilo Sketch~ by Enderxwiggles ~Request~Nanu and (OC)Hooilo Sketch~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 4 2 ~ Herzog Sketch~ by Enderxwiggles ~ Herzog Sketch~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 6 8 ~No name Creature~ by Enderxwiggles ~No name Creature~ :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 0 0 ~ Hawaiian Guzma Poster ~ (Complete) by Enderxwiggles ~ Hawaiian Guzma Poster ~ (Complete) :iconenderxwiggles:Enderxwiggles 34 10


+O.C - Kala [Outline]+ by AmnesiaShoujo +O.C - Kala [Outline]+ :iconamnesiashoujo:AmnesiaShoujo 9 0 +O.C - Kala [sketch]+ by AmnesiaShoujo +O.C - Kala [sketch]+ :iconamnesiashoujo:AmnesiaShoujo 14 0 +O.C- V.K [finished]+ by AmnesiaShoujo +O.C- V.K [finished]+ :iconamnesiashoujo:AmnesiaShoujo 12 2 +O.C - V.K [sketch]+ by AmnesiaShoujo +O.C - V.K [sketch]+ :iconamnesiashoujo:AmnesiaShoujo 9 4
Teacher!GermanyXReader: I'm Not Hot for Teacher 11
Full Title: I'm Not Hot for Teacher (I'm Hot for You) Part 11
WARNING! This is part 11. Find part one here: Teacher!GermanyXReader: I'm Not Hot for Teacher Or if you missed part 10, find it here: Teacher!GermanyXReader: I'm Not Hot for Teacher 10
UNASHAMED ADVERTISEMENT! Still founder of the group Everything-Fandom! I love new members, join me children!
RECAP! Well what else is there to say? You're at college, and that crazy German who's trying to pretend he isn't into you just decided to drive four or five hours to give you a campus tour. AWESOME!

After a short visit with Kiku, during which you ordered your books for your first semester, you and Herr Beilschmidt headed upstairs to see Feliciano and get something to eat.  You led the way, he trailing slightly behind as you both mounted the stairs.
‘He seems
:iconiamfandomhearmeroar:IAmFandomHearMeRoar 80 156
Hetalia Character Journal Series - Liechtenstein
The nation with the most votes now is the little lady, Ms Liechtenstein! And with the shit that's been thrown lately, I do think she needs this.
Hell, I think the Hetalia girls in general need it.
Along with the flanderized guys like Romano, England, Prussia, America, Denmark...
*continues rambling on*
Anyway, ahem...everyone will be done eventually! So, let's go! :iconyayliechtensteinplz:
"Italics" - other language; emphasis; quotes
"Bold" - the subject
"Underline" - the answer
Liechtenstein is the adopted younger sister of Switzerland, and is largely more of a supporting character. She represents the Principality of Liechtenstein (German: Fürstentum Liechtenstein).
Currently, Liechtenstein doesn't have an official human name. However, Himaruya did give a list of potential names for her.
:bulletpink: Erika/Erica (because
:iconhebigami-okami-77:Hebigami-Okami-77 40 91
Alistair's Rose by qissus Alistair's Rose :iconqissus:qissus 512 13 Monkey God by PabloFernandezArtwrk Monkey God :iconpablofernandezartwrk:PabloFernandezArtwrk 351 14 WIP: even warriors need a break by josiecrow21 WIP: even warriors need a break :iconjosiecrow21:josiecrow21 15 2 Arcanine and growlithe by josiecrow21 Arcanine and growlithe :iconjosiecrow21:josiecrow21 5 0 Flowey papercraft  by josiecrow21 Flowey papercraft :iconjosiecrow21:josiecrow21 3 2 Jojo Bizarre Adventure by rinnax3 Jojo Bizarre Adventure :iconrinnax3:rinnax3 207 23
Polnareff X Reader [Friend of a Friend]
AN: So, this was supposed to be funny, and then it turned into this...goddamnit Polnareff, why do you give me the feels?! >8|
When Polnareff returned to his homeland at last, he didn't realize how lonely he was. The joy of having multiple friends around him was gone, leaving him with an empty feeling in his heart; not even his homeland could fill it. His life seemed to fill with an eternal grief as he mourned his fallen comrades every day, which led to thoughts of his deceased sister. He was spiraling downward at a staggering pace.
Until a woman appeared on his doorstep one day, a broken smile on her lips. He couldn't deny her beauty, but after everything that had happened, he naturally put his guard up. Polnareff was about to question her when she began speaking for herself.
"Mr. Polnareff?" What a sweet voice, perfect for an assassin.
"Yeah, that's me. Who are you and why are you here?"
The woman looked down, holding something in her hands. Polnareff looked down to see a paper
:iconientercontests:iEnterContests 52 10
Polnareff X Reader: Language
Translation in the description.
   “What are we doing. Is there any point to this? I don’t think there’s a point to this.” You began to speak rapidly, showing signs of growing exasperation as you trekked on through the streets of a city in India.
    “We are literally just walking.” Joseph responded, watching your slouched form.
    “I’M FUCKIN’ HUNGRY!” You screamed, throwing your hands up in the air before collapsing down onto the ground stubbornly.
    “She’s not hungry, she’s hangry.” Kakyoin commented, earning nods of agreement from everyone else.
    “FAHK OFF!” You screeched in response, face firmly planted in the dirt.
    “Someone take her to get food before she eats US.” Joseph sighed, shaking his head. “Polnareff! Take her for an early lunch.”
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 25 3
Polnareff X Reader: French Kiss
    “Heugh… Christ I’m tired. Killing people is hard work.” You groaned audibly, flopping down limply on the hotel bed.
    “Yeah but at least you didn’t get your arm almost hacked off.” Polnareff responded, as he was the one to share the room with you this time around. “I’m STILL replacing the bandages. It’s not fun.” He added, gesturing to the blood soaked bandage wrapped around his right arm.
    “Well then don’t be so stabby with Silver Chariot ya reckless fool!” You teased, lifting your head from the pillow so your speech wasn’t muffled.
    “If I didn’t I’d be a DEAD fool right now then.” He retorted, sticking out his tongue. “And maybe even you too, since I was protecting your ass.”
    “Well soooorry for not being a stand user, siiiiiiiiiiiiiir.” You shot back, flippin
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 38 10
Lucilla final model, colored by slipgatecentral Lucilla final model, colored :iconslipgatecentral:slipgatecentral 593 19



My new account officially is up and running with few new drawings! Please go check it out if you can! ♡
Sorry for the inactivity...
I have made a new DA Account mainly for my O.C's!
You can find it in my Bio description or you can search it...Munchceros is the name!
~Dio Brando~Colored~
Took me at least four hours to color him.
I will add more in to this drawing as well! Maybe a background and draw more of his chest...
I'll probably fix the light reflecting off his clothing as well.


No journal entries yet.


Enderxwiggles's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Puerto Rico
Greetings, My name is Liz(Real), Lucas or Lutz. I draw things that catch my interest and look fun to do. I'm in love with Hetalia and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure so far in anime wise...
I am good friends with :iconamnesiashoujo:, she's is a very special friend and she is the one that persuaded me on using Deviantart. So check her out<3
I hope you enjoy my art as well! ~Love :iconenderxwiggles:
I'm also in two Alola Groups cause I'm a Poke fan :iconteam-skull-fangroup: and :iconguzma-fan-club:
Requests can be made but I might not get around them much so it's not guarantee requests will be done just saying...
Credit to the original artists that I made fan art of...I don't own of these character a'ight ? Haha, Understand that.

New account! :iconmunchceros:


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